Friday, September 7, 2007

Odd things

Have you ever just looked around your home and seen things that make sense in the context of your life, but that others might find a bit, well, off? I started paying attention the other day for some reason, and, given that the hobbies of me and mine aren't typically what you'd call "mainstream", there are some interesting results.

Master bath: A dozen half-wilted roses

Walk-in closet: A fog machine, a disassembled game of "Trouble", two toy golfclubs, a plastic pirate hook, and various and sundry other bizarre items.

Sewing/wife's hobby room: 8-inch buck knife, various dominoes, a pile of art prints, and an unassembled model of a mammoth skeleton.

Main Bedroom: 18-inch robotic ninja which, apparently, can "sense my fear".

Living room: Last year's Christmas decorations, a scooter that my niece received for the same holiday (unassembled, still in package), and a folded-up school bus play "room".

Laundry room: A 2" wide rubber band with around six feet of overall length, and a coconut. Hilarity ensues.

Kitchen: A plastic lunchbox thermos from the original run of "Battlestar Galactica".

Family Room: A Mr. T "1-800-collect" fridge magnet.

Male spawn's room: A two-foot piece of 2"x4" and a pizza pan. This is relatively clean because we confiscate most of the interesting stuff on a regular basis.

Guest bath: An unopened can of "Play-Doh".

Female spawn's room: A plastic garden spade.

My hobby/computer room: Where to start? Two battleaxes, combustible stage effects, a miniscule pair of nunchucks (perhaps belonging to the ninja above), a shelf for a cabinet we no longer own, a scratching post for cats that no longer live indoors, a bent curtain rod, a "collection" poster of M.U.S.C.L.E. Men . . . let's just say there's quite a bit.

But again, I don't think we're quite normal. Homes and lives pick up a lot of detrius as time goes on. I just think some of our detrius has an interesting story lurking somwhere.