Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Comic Pull 05 April 08

Last week's books:

PS238 #30: This is likely the conclusion of the Vegas plotline. For the none of you that follow this book (though you should be, dammit), several of our young heroes have been tricked into hitching a ride to Las Vegas, in order for a young super-villain in the making to use his super-genius at the tables to finance his army of doom-bot hover tanks. Vegas, in this reality, is sort of a "Casablanca" for metas -- the town is neutral and peaceful, and they have the muscle to back it up. Our young card sharp has been caught and recruited by the most powerful casino magnate in town to aid in catching a cheat who has managed to walk away with large sums by using surrogates. Hilarity ensues. The plight of Julie Finster, who has kept up a personal crisis about not being "unique" among metas (she's the 84th known to have the powers of flight, invulnerability, speed, and strength) continues, with a nice resolution at the end. We also get some flashes to a previous storyline and our usual main character, Tyler Marlocke, which likely lead us into the next arc. A strong issue of a strong book.

Jonah Hex #30: Standard Hex story. People are dumb enough to disturb Hex while he's drinking. They die.

Buffy, Season Eight #13: Now that everyone's gotten over the lesbian tryst in the last issue, the story moves along with some Dracula moments. He's apparently lost his mojo whilst betting on motorcycles. The winners have worked out a way to make Slayers normal girls again. Serviceable, with some great writing in the Drac bits.

Anita Blake #10: Slow book this time. As I recall, this part of the novel wasn't great, either. We get an abrupt reveal of the bad guy, but a decent cliffhanger alongside my favorite character Edward. The best thing going in this issue is the art.


Coralius said...

You're an odd duck, you know that? You spend half this post talking about a comic book that's actually a reprint of an online comic you can get FOR FREE , but you don't leave a link so that people can get a taste of it. And yet you berate us for not reading. What do you expect of us, you loon?


Ranson said...

It's not a reprint book. The online pages are actually reprints of the comic run, put up one page at a time. He figures ne's not as likely to get people to pick up back issues at any volume, so he might as well put them out as teasers.

I also assume that anyone that can reach a blog can figure out a search engine, but here you go, anyway: PS238


Coralius said...

Hey, the blogosphere, and the internet in general, lives on linkage. Isn't that how you got that big traffic spike? Pthbbbt, indeed.