Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I am now the proud owner of a link from a fairly popular website, ERV. All I really had to do was ask, and the threshold for inclusion on her Blogroll was, shall we say, low, but I'm still happy about it. Scienceblogs has driven virtually all of my "non-acquaintance" traffic, mostly from my comments on ERV, Respectful Insolence, and Pharyngula. While I can't hope to match the level of most of the great contributors they see, I can try to be mildly interesting.

The thing is, I only rarely get in-depth with my blogging. Also, most of the subjects I have at hand are either personal, or niches that may not appeal to a broader audience (book/comic review, etc.). My ego tells me that I don't just want to write for myself, though as I've noted before, a broad purpose of this is to refresh my writing skills. It's a tactic well-used by a friend who just completed his first novel. If I get used to relaying my thoughts to text, I'll perhaps finally get some of these stories out of my head and do something with them.

Given that, there's no reason not to hone my skills on the science and skepticism that brought me to those blogs in the first place. I've tended to hold off on that because others (like Bronze Dog) already do such a great job. There's always room for another voice, though. Also, I can work in some of the other oddball things I come across on the interblag (knowing someone who works for Ripley's doesn't hurt).

We'll see how it goes. Thanks to anyone new who is stopping by!


Anonymous said...

That Ripley's guy must be pretty awesome.

Ranson said...

I can agree with that. When I first met him, I thought we'd have little in common, but I turned out to be very wrong.

I'd raise a glass with him, if I drank.