Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yeah, Yeah, I'm here

Agenda update:

Still doing it. I've been sick. Bleagh.

Other short notes:

Reading Your Inner Fish by Neal Shubin. So far, it's a lot like Dawkins's The Ancestor's Tale, only framed in terms of a personal discovery of the similarities between lifeforms. It's doing a good job with the sense of wonder you get from realizing "This led to this, which led to something common to all life with internal skeletons". Not as in-depth as parts of the Dawkins book, but almost better as a demonstration of how cool all this stuff is from the perspective of someone out there doing the work.

Coralius's sooper-seekrit interwebs-related birthday presents are here. Try as I might, I couldn't actually will my vendors to deliver six months late this year, despite ordering with plenty of time and paying promptly, as always. While still late, the vastness of the late is nowhere near the previous average, and threatens to break our tradition of recrimination, lies, and tears. Or not.

Go to Ed Brayton's blog. He's a funny, down-to-earth guy, with a sharp sense of the law and good contacts. Libertarian, but not in the "Batshit-insane-anarcho-capitalist-Randroid-Objectivist" vein. More of the "Don't fuck with my rights" variety, with a social justice bent. He's got a radio show/podcast that has some great interviews. Good poker advice to be had, as well.

Soon: We cover "Defense"-- and I'm not talkin' about my Steelers, either.

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Coralius said...

You know, the sane libertarians should probably rebrand themselves. I mean, the batshit insane ones aren't going to change their names.