Thursday, February 12, 2009


Work this week has been, um, "hellish" is a bit too strong, but you get where I'm coming from. First, my boss was out with the birth of his first kid (non-sarcastic yay!), so I got to cover part of his work. We had our pickiest customers in, dangling major new products in from of us, in exchange for flaming hoop-jumping. Added to that, the FDA showed up! For three days! Yay! It was unexpected on my end, but I have heard from other sources that parts of the company knew they were coming. I dunno. Given that my group is on point for audits, I would think an email would have bounced around. I think we manged to avoid major issues, but we shot ourselves in the foot a few times, documentation-wise. The audit could have been far worse, as they only sent one person. I was expecting one in the near-term, because we had some changes to some drug products that would require review, anyway. This week, though, was a bit of a shock. Now I just have to catch up on the work that piled up while I was running documents for the audit. Bleargh.


Coralius said...

What, you can't keep up with your regular workload with an auditor yelling, "Dance, document monkey-boy, dance!"? :)

Ranson said...

Well, I probably could have, but why increase expectations?