Saturday, April 4, 2009

erv Debates a Crazy Hobo

This video begins a series in which Abbie of the blog erv, HIV researcher and unrepentant user of LOLspeak, carries on a three hour debate with a crazy hobo. Or a traveling speaker on creationism. It's hard to tell the difference. Anyway, Abbie has posted repeatedly on the debate, most recently here.

Warning: This will likely make your brain hurt, should you have one. There are parts of the series that are just sad, such as when Abbie spends a good amount of time debunking a particular anti-evolution canard, only to have it read back to her verbatim moments later. It's hard to debate someone who doesn't even pay attention to what you say, much less understand the material. In any case, try to enjoy yourself, and drop by her blog if you have any questions.


ERV said...

I really wish they had the camera on me when he did that.

I make good 'wtf? Am I on acid? Did I imagine the last part of my presentation?' faces.


Ranson said...

Thanks for dropping by, Abbie! My wife tried to watch the video, and made it about five minutes into the first before declaring that she "couldn't listen to that moron anymore".

I think you did a good job, and, with some practice, will make a good public face for science.