Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ah, Summer

The AC at work is broken, and the normal temp around here is a nice, humid 100 degrees. Crush that together with steam-jacketed mixing tanks, an extra layer of clothing, and no air movement, and you've got a recipie for the "Who Falls Out First" charity raffle and betting pool. It's not as bad as it used to be though. A couple of years back, I walked into the batching room at six AM, and there was a cloud. Not a cloud of dust, or just a lot of mist; it was a freakin' cloud. You couldn't see the room from one side to the other.

Anyway, the highlights of this week are: Daughter has been accepted to wacky religious nutjob daycare. Now, you might think this slightly insane, if you bother to browse the links to the right, but options are limited around here. We wanted a top preschool. The only decent preschools in the area are religious. Bah. Bah, Bah, Bah. I have examined the curriculum, however, and it doesn't get really loopy until a few years down the road, by which time my kids will be in real school and not attending this place. The other "plus" is that, while my daughter is now gone from my mother-in-law's smoke-choked pit, I get the privilege of shelling out an additional $100 a week for this boon. Sigh. At least my review is coming up, and my raise should cover about half that. Overtime, here I come (at least until the boy hits kindergarden next year).

My other happy this week came in the form of a lot of loose gems that I won at auction. I got 20 carats worth of peridot, amethyst, garnet, and silver topaz. That, along with some other items I already had, filled out a row in the display case I got for my birthday. Yay!

Perhaps a philosophical post next time.

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