Sunday, August 5, 2007

Huh. So I'm here.

Well, first post of the new blog. The team blog I was on sorta died from lack of interest, though it had some good posts. Maybe I'll have some real time to devote to this one, though I doubt it.

Firstly, the name:

Apparently, according to my wife, I have odd quirks related to hobos and hobo habits. Whenever I drive under a bridge, I look for what I term "underpass hobos"; essentially, people living under the bridge. It's decent shelter, if a little loud and fume-filled on a busy highway. I used to see them pretty regularly back in West Virginia. Not so much in North Carolina.

My current Blogger avatar is the illustrious Dr. Hobo, from the webcomic VGCats (I'd post a link to an example, but for some damned reason, Blogger keeps adding it's own address to the link every time I edit it. Here's the address: http// I don't know why. It just is.

My wife has recently considered changing jobs to librarian. In trying to figure out downsides to that situation, she asked me. My response consisted of "Library Hobos"; these are the homeless folk who congregate in the public library for AC in the summer and heat in the winter. It's a common thing. That comment, however, was what pushed her into calling me "hobo-obsessed".

I'm not, really. I just think it's a funny term. As for the title, well, it's hard to get an unused title on Blogspot these days, and it worked.

More to come, maybe.


Anonymous said...

Actually given that I work in a downtown urban center and live outside said cesspool, hobos are a regular topic b/w my g/f and myself. For instance, downtown there is a free people-mover that connects to the pay-per-trip raised train. During business hours the people-mover has its characters but it is also filled with suits, techies, construction workers and the occasional confused European tourist. After sunset it quickly converts into the hobo-highway and is a great place to watch various adherents to the hobo lifestyle intermingle.

My personal favorite experience involved a lucid-drunk hobo and a near-comatose-drunk-hobo fighting over a seat across from the crazy eyed stabbey hobo.

Once, at my g/f's office a confused unwashed soul was wandering around the elevator lobby (mind you this is (14 floors up). The receptionist opened the door and asked him if he needed help, to which he brandished a switch-blade and earnestly asked "Do you want me to cut you!? Do you want me to cut your face!?"

My point is, I understand your obsession. For me, hobos are the little car wrecks on the side of the highway of life that break-up the endless scenery.

Coralius said...

Oh, admit it. You started this puppy for the same reason three quarters of us did: free therapy from the masses!

Congrats on the good start. May it give you as much of whatever you're looking for AS you're looking for.

smv said...

I had a problem with blogger adding its own links to my links as well. It turned out I was missing the "=" sign in my link tag. Just a thought, in case you run into that in the future.